With the Humanity Creed Cell Phone Wallpaper, Many around the World Remind themselves 24/7 that All Lives Matter

August 17, 2016

We have seen the images and have heard the news reports over the past several months.  Terrorists murdering innocent women and children under the guise of religious purity, police officers being targeted and killed in execution style, police officers shooting and killing unarmed people.  Then come the funerals and the protests.  Sometimes the protests turn violent as well.   We hear the phrases, “Allahu Akbar,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Police Lives Matter,” “All Lives Matter.”  “Is there an undeclared war going on against humanity?” asks Philip Jay, chairman of Favorfloat Corporation. Jay quotes Dr. Martin Luther King, “We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies." ...

The Amazing Sale Price of the Chill Towel by Cool Daddy Products Ends on August 31st, 2016

August 18, 2016

Cool Daddy Products announces that its much anticipated Chill Towel sale price will end on August 31st, 2016 and customers should take advantage of it while it is still active. The Chill Towel is a groundbreaking cooling towel that works instantly and lasts for long. Sports players, outdoor workers, small children and the elderly must be protected from extreme heat and the Chill Towel is a perfect solution. It is made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) sponge that cools as water evaporates and can absorb eight times its weight in water for longer evaporation times than conventional towels. Both sides of the Chill Towel are effective as the smooth side absorbs moisture and the textured side cools. Sara Stokes, Founder at Cool Daddy Products, explains, “Our family is made up of people just like you -  mothers, children, teammates, co-workers, and friends.  We know that a significant amount of your time will be spent outside - for work,...


August 18, 2016

Sport Performance, a full-service agility ladder refiner, creator, and producer with a commitment to helping individuals develop their brain-to-muscle coordination and eccentric strength ability, is helping people worldwide enhance and develop a range of different foot movement patterns that become second nature to ladder users. Borne from a passion for providing a powerful and alternative method to coordination and balance training, is a simple, yet profound training resource capable of taking any individual and helping them to achieve an inner-agility they never thought was possible. “Our ladder helps users develop increased foot speed, lateral quickness, coordination, and sustainable agility,” said Jan Pasko, Founder and Owner of Sport Performance. “And those are just the four major developments. The agility ladder offers so many more benefits and perspectives typical athletes and fitness junkies don’t get to acquire from regular running...

New innovation, the CO2 problem is solved -forever.

August 17, 2016

The final solution of climate change is here! A new invention that removes carbon dioxide, costs is almost nothing, less than USD 2 per person in the world. This must be the biggest news ever? Yes it is. Using a bit of common sense and simple math elementary school is one able to understand that this is the greatest news ever. Most people know that the air we breathe contains huge amounts of clean energy, but also carbon dioxide. Using the latest nanotechnology one can easily filter out the gases you want. The nearby threats to mankind are obvious. Quickly looming energy shortages and the enormous CO2 threat we all know*. It is as easy to figure out that wind turbines and solar power will quadruple the world's energy costs, at least half of the world's GDP and make us all poor, this no one speaks, very quiet, about? HyMeAir now presents a new sensational invention, an invention that...

New Book Circle It, Hillary Clinton Facts, Word Search, Puzzle Book peers into the life of Hillary Clinton

August 18, 2016

Just Published: Circle It, Hillary Clinton Facts, Word Search, Puzzle Book, by Maria Schumacher, reveals the facts of Hillary Clinton's life from her birth to her 2016 Presidential run. peers into the life of Hillary Clinton; read interesting facts about her while observing that the bold words within the text can be found in the word search puzzle on the opposite page. This cleverly constructed book reads like a book, but is also full of word search puzzles. Discover where Hillary Clinton was born, grew up, and how at the age of thirteen discovered evidence of electoral fraud against Richard Nixon. Also revealed is who shaped her early political development while she was in high school. The book is an amazing recount of her life that follows her from Wellesley College to Yale Law School on to Arkansas with Bill Clinton and into the White House as First Lady. From there read all about the messy interesting gossip laden scandals like Lewinsky, a first and...

Hoffebelts: Slovakian craftsmanship at its best, now available on Amazon marketplace.

August 17, 2016

Offering an attention to detail that differentiates them from their mass-manufactured competitors, Hoffebelts brings to the USA a men’s product range that promises to complete the outfit of the most polished gentleman.  Born out of a passion for handcrafting classic, traditional belts, Hoffebelts was launched more than 20 years ago by Peter Hoffelder in the small Slovakian town of Spisska Nova Ves.  Dedicated to producing the highest quality products, Peter, along with his son Martin, transformed his passion into a modest business. A few years later, the Slovak army commissioned Hoffebelts to manufacture a strong, durable belt for every soldier, which they did successfully. Hoffebelts soon prospered, becoming renowned for their quality craftsmanship and exceptional products. 100% dedicated to his ambition to become the biggest, exclusive, belt producer in Slovakia, Peter has committed his life to perfecting his artistry, improving production...

Marcus Hiles Fort Worth Developer Proud of Western Rim’s AC Energy Efficiency

August 17, 2016

By fulfilling the need for luxury townhomes and apartments across the state of Texas, based has lead the way in the high-end rental market through his visionary approach, which has transformed the landscape for the better. Having built upscale units distinguished by their richly designed interiors, chic on-site conveniences and state-of-the-art amenities, he has not only made sophistication eco-friendly, but also synonymous with energy efficiency. Through his innovative and exacting construction philosophy—one that demands its homes surpass stringent government regulations, the prominent real estate entrepreneur has set the example for all others to follow. His insistence on lowering electricity usage and reducing pollution has both benefitted residents and served as a source of pride for the pioneering real estate developer. At the start of 2015, the U.S. Department of Energy revised its guidelines, demanding that new residential HVAC systems installed throughout the...

New economic website breaks the mold by offering sensible, moderate advice!

August 17, 2016

Economics has often been called “the dismal science” for successfully predicting eleven of the last four recessions. It’s true that much of what you find on the internet tends toward extremes. Either things are going to be great forever, or there is no hope anywhere in the world. Aiming to buck this trend, Stewart Fields, a Dallas-based financial advisor, has started a new website: stewnomics.com. “I took a look around the web and saw a whole lot of hype and a whole lot of emotional reaction,“ said Fields. “I want to let people know there’s still a rational middle ground in the world of economics and news.” Fields comes to economics and finance by way of an interest in psychology. He uses the latest in forecasting and analytic tools, but also brings to bear the study of human decision-making. All of these skills are on display on the website, which offers cultural commentary and reactions to financial events from Fields’...

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180+ WWII Veterans to Attend D-Day Event in Conneaut Ohio including WWII Medal of Honor Recipient Hershel Woody Williams

August 16, 2016

The largest gathering of WWII Veterans in the country are slated to attend the annual D-Day event in Conneaut Ohio, August 19th and 20th.  Notable veterans include Hershel “Woody” Williams, one of the 6 remaining Medal of Honor recipients from WWII.   Seven more veterans of WWII will be receiving the French Legion d’honneur citation at the events third annual “Salute to Veterans” ceremony slated for Saturday afternoon at 12:15.  Mr. Williams will be onsite representing the Hershel Woody Williams Medal of Honor Foundation which honors and pays tribute to Gold Star Families that lost servicemen and women while serving in the armed forces.  Mr. Williams earned his Medal of Honor for actions that took place on the Japanese Island of Iwo Jima as a flame-thrower operator.  The foundation which bares his name and prestigious title organized in 2012 and operates on the core values of Courage, Sacrifice,...

Dr. Joan Marques Named Interim Dean of Woodbury University School of Business

August 17, 2016

, Ph.D., Ed.D., Assistant Dean of the School of Business at and Professor of Management, has been named Interim Dean of the School, effective August 19, the university announced today.   Dr. Marques succeeds Dr. Andre van Niekerk, who will return to the School of Business faculty this fall.  The School of Business has embarked on a search for a full-time dean, which will continue into the 2016-2017 academic year. “Joan Marques will be an excellent interim dean for the School of Business,” said Randy Stauffer, Interim Sr. VP of Academic Affairs.  “She epitomizes so much of what makes Woodbury distinctive and special.  She has been both an exceptionally successful working professional and a values-driven academician.  She is engaged and engaging, creative and inspiring.”      Dr. Marques earned an MBA from Woodbury and an educational doctorate (Ed.D.) in Organizational...

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