September 24, 2018

Appetivo launched today to enable an unprecedented food gig economy in California.  Much like the earliest days of airbnb, ebay, and ride sharing services, Appetivo offers everyday people a gig opportunity.  With sign up to its website and progressive mobile app  "kitchens" created by home cooks can offer their menus and accept payments from soon to be hungry customers in their location.  Appetivo is facilitated by the recent passage of California AB 626 signed into law enabling the legal creation and permitting of micro enterprise home kitchens. "Our first order of business is to help home cooks legally and efficiently set up kitchens that will require permits based on the new law" said Steven Voci, co-founder of the Company. Home cooks and hungry consumers can access via a web or mobile browser by simply typing in the name. Native apps for IOS and Android are planned for release later in...

David Reske to present Webinar 5 Steps to Optimize Your Cross-Channel Ad Campaigns

September 25, 2018

Nowspeed’s Founder and President, David Reske, will present “” during a live webinar on Wednesday, October 3rd at 12 noon ET.It used to be easy managing cross-channel campaigns, because you probably only had one. Today your ad dollars are (or soon will be) spread across Google Text Ads, Display, Programmatic, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Using this 5-Step process from Nowspeed, you can move from guess-work to scientifically making the best decisions to allocate funds across channels and campaigns. “Most marketing managers find it very difficult to scientifically mange budgets across multiple campaigns or channels.  Because it's so complex, they often used educated guesswork to plan their campaign budget”, said David Reske, President of Nowspeed, “Using Big Data and Machine learning, today it’s possible to make precise budget allocation decisions and accurately predict your campaign performance.If...


September 24, 2018

In a world of Pumpkin Spice Lattes sparking a national fascination with the fall flavor, has created a Pumpkin Spice essential oil blend to help people breathe in the scent of autumn and hopefully bring back childhood memories of fall activities. gives MONQ a total of 13 personal diffuser blends, each one with three main essential oil ingredients, along with several others that create effective blends with pleasant scents and flavors.  “For four years, MONQ has created blends to help ® and now that includes feeling festive, with our newest blend: Pumpkin Spice. Named in honor of the holiday season and blended to be reminiscent of your childhood experiences, you can feel the essence of autumn with a few breaths of this delicious blend,” said MONQ’s CEO, Eric Fishman, MD. The blend was scientifically crafted with , , and among several other essential oils. The recognizable scents compliment each other deliciously to remind you...

Great News for Families and Travelers.

September 27, 2018

Great News for Families and Travelers.The NATIONAL NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH fighting crime across America since 1972 has helped millions protect against burglary. They are now offering Super Grip Lock the patented $10 Deadbolt Accessory that works instantly to stop intruders from unlocking your door at home or when traveling. Visit the NNW Website to see it work: . The need has never been greater bump keys and pick-guns sold online open locked doors nearly as fast as a working key; if you rent or stay in a hotel/motel landlords, managers and others have your key which puts millions at risk every day.Super Grip Lock is Industry tested and Police endorsed. To help spread the word the International Association of Police Chief’s fighting crime since 1897 introduced Super Grip Lock to law enforcement in the Police Chief Magazine.Police Lt. Bryon 22 year Police Veteran volunteered his home to show the public how Super Grip Lock works to encourage families to...

GiveCentral Connect - 10 reasons why you need to try it

September 25, 2018

Meaningful causes very often require funding, that is exactly where comes to play. It is a tool that aids your nonprofit fundraising by enabling you to manage your donor and giving information through your phone; it simplifies the entire process through mobile giving, both for the administrators and donors. Listed below are 10 reasons why you should give it a try.Specialized appIt is a donor-focused mobile application allowing your donors to manage and update their information from a phone or other mobile device; made easier.


September 22, 2018

We have endless ways to advertise a business in modern day. Especially since Internet created a new space for web marketing, the have been brainstorming to develop new approaches to advertise. The most traditional methods have gone outdated due to not being effective anymore, while new, creative and interesting methods have produced much better and convincing results. Out of these high potential and promising methods, teardrop banners stand as one of the best options for both of advertisement and marketing.You will get many benefits with the use of teardrop signs. The most important advantage in this regard that your brand gets more visible with their use. While the most of traditional sign types get unnoticed, teardrop signs will catch the eyes of more people more often. Most of the time these are the first signs that anybody will notice while walking down the road. Their look is unique and this is something very special about them. Their motion with the air is another important...

Project PoSSUM’s Chief Scientist Leads Successful NASA Mission to Observe Noctilucent Cloud Dynamics

September 24, 2018

NASA’s PMC-Turbo Mission, a $1.4M NASA-funded high-altitude balloon experiment led by PoSSUM Chief Scientist Dr. Dave Fritts, launched from Kiruna, Sweden on 8 July and landed safely in Western Nunavut, Canada five days later after successfully performing the first dedicated high-altitude observations of the atmospheric dynamics leading to turbulence in Earth’s mesosphere by imaging the small-scale structures of noctilucent clouds using specialized camera systems.Noctilucent clouds (also known as Polar Mesospheric Clouds, or PMCs, when viewed from space) are the highest clouds observed on Earth, typically forming at altitudes near 83km in the summertime at high latitudes in both hemispheres. They are of particular interest as their presence is believed to be a “miner’s canary” for climate change at high altitudes. Despite their remote location, NLCs also appear to provide the best natural laboratory on Earth for the study of the generation and evolution of geophysical...

Aurora Motors Partners With Leading IIoT Technology Company – AMI Global

September 24, 2018

Silicon Valley, California – September 24, 2018 Aurora Motors, a world leader in inverter-duty motor technology, today announced its new industry-first initiative to digitize its premium UL-certified and Department of Energy compliant electric motor product line with advanced predictive vibration, temperature analytics and remote asset control capabilities. Aurora Motors has partnered with AMI Global, a specialist in providing real-time monitoring, actionable data, and turn-key digitalization solutions to automate the client experience and product applications that drive business decisions. “Aurora Motors is taking first-mover advantage to evolve the inverter-duty motor industry by defining the next phase of growth and innovation. Today’s technologies are capable of enabling much more than they are delivering with actionable data intelligence and Aurora Motors wants to be a driving force behind this evolution. As our industry begins to develop more...

JSY Giving Selects Finalists for Pitch for Good Fundraiser September 29th

September 25, 2018

JSY Giving, a 501(c)(3) granting nonprofit, is honored to announce the four finalists for our Pitch for Good fundraiser on September 29th, 2018. The four finalists, along with being given a grant from JSY Giving, will be pitching their nonprofits for the People’s Choice Award. The winner of the People’s Choice Award will receive an additional grant from JSY Giving. Mayor London Breed will also be in attendance to underscore the importance of the work that nonprofits do in and around San Francisco. Telling Better Stories Matter People love a good story and JSY Giving is dedicated to helping nonprofits tell better stories. Stories are what motivate people to get involved with great causes. The art of telling a great story revolves around being in tune with why a nonprofit exists and how potential patrons can help it thrive. This was how our patron, Jane Yin Bolander, helped nonprofits tell stories that mattered. Meet...

PeepSprout Social Network Hoping for Best Affiliate Program of 2019

September 22, 2018

In another move to advance its new online social network, PeepSprout has set in motion what they think will be one of the best affiliate programs of 2019.  is a new online community that pays its members to add friends. It offers a cash rewards program that is sure to catch the attention of people who are bored with, irritated by, or addicted to Facebook. In typical online community fashion, PeepSprout allows members to interact with other members via massaging, forums, photos, videos, walls, and blogs. As a Facebook alternative, it offers many of the features Facebook offers, presented in an almost overly-simplified user interface. But unlike Facebook, PeepSprout gives its members an opportunity to earn extra cash. The network’s main revenue driver is the monthly fee their members pay to maintain their subscriptions.  PeepSprout’s new affiliate program is similar to the rewards program they offer to their social network members, but the affiliate...

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